Consolidation, merger by acquisition, split-up, spin-off, transformation are key components of global business processes.  M&A transactions allow companies to integrate into larger structures, thereby allowing companies to strengthen their presence in a particular region or to strengthen their position in the market of supplying goods or providing services.

Femida Legal Association has extensive experience in the area of corporate law and M&A on the creation, acquisition, separation, division of companies both Ukrainian and international.

Range of services:

– registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, establishment of branches and representative offices;

– development of optimal corporate management schemes;

– protection of shareholders’ rights, legal support of securities transactions;

– resolution of corporate conflicts, protection against illegal takeovers (raiding);

– protection of interests of the debtor and creditors on the restoration of the debtor’s solvency or bankruptcy;

– conducting complex legal audit of the enterprise in order to reduce future risks in the course of transactions or acquisition of business, securities, participation in joint activities, etc.;

– preparation, structuring and support of M&A transactions;

– development of algorithms and optimal schemes of mergers and acquisitions of companies;

– support of transactions on privatization and lease of state enterprises and integral property complexes.



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